Reading Response 2: Arola & Ball


I am going to look at Pink “Pussyhat” through the eyes of Arola and Ball. Using their idea of multimodal. Arola and Ball believed that multimodal was “Mashup of multiple and mode. A mode is a way of communicating. Multimodal describes how we combine multiple different ways of communicating in everyday life” (Ball 1). The article Pink “Pussyhat” talks about the use of the “pussyhat” as a symbol for people being marginalized by others. In Ball’s view, “pussyhat” uses the modes linguistic and visual. The hat is a use of visual because of the color, style, and layout. The name for the hat “pussyhat” uses linguistic because of word choice, ideas, and how they decided to deliver it. But other people are perceiving it to mean and symbolize that gender had something to do with biology or that the pink was meant to represent flesh tone. People rely on the use of visuals rather than aural, tone of voice as well as emphasis and linguistic, word choice. The modes are all influenced by affordance, which is the strength and weaknesses of media and modes (Ball 1). I learned that for people it is easy to misunderstand the meaning of something as well as that some things shouldn’t be symbolized while there are bigger issues. As a researcher, this would help me understand how to understand things from different perspectives.

Arola and Ball might explain that the use of the “Pussyhat” is used to convey their idea that females shouldn’t be marginalized, Due to it visual mode the use of the color pink people can misunderstand the meaning and think that it could mean that the problems of cisgenders are higher than those of transgenders. People could also misunderstand it to mean that the reason for the hat’s pink color is to represent flesh tone or to have something to do with biology. They would also explain the meaning of the word “Pussyhat” was used to convey marginalized people will not take insults such as being called “pussy” anymore and will stand up for what they believe in. People might misunderstand the linguistic mode of the hat’s name to represents flesh tone or have something to do with biology. Arola and Ball would also mention how their affordance is bad. The “Pussyhat” has more weakness, which are the complaints and how it could be replaced by problems that are affecting people more. Their strengths are small, the only strength it has is that it is trying to help people that are marginalized by other people.