Kenny Sacha Primary Source Description

About The Panel

The panel block #2732

The panel is 6×3 feet with no borders and is located on the left side in between two other panels. The quilt that it is located on is 12×12 feet and can be found at Block 2732. This quilt can be found at the NAMES Project website where there are more than 46,000 individual panels (AIDS/HIV Quilt). The NAMES Project was started by a gay rights activist named Cleve Jones in November 1985. Their goal was to help educate on AIDS/HIV, create a memorial for those who died, and to help people understand how much of an impact it had on people.

The owner of this panel is Kenny Sacha. The panel has two primary colors gold, black, and silver. The panel was created by Alan Trugman who was designed Sacha’s outfits for his performances.

Firstly, I will describe the background of the panel. Afterward, I will describe the items that are included in the panel in the same order such as photographs, his name, the year of his birth and death and a quote for Sacha.

Background of The Panel

The background of the panel is gold that has a rough feel to it and is very sparkly.

Located onto of that frabic is silver stars that use the same texture as the gold fabric. There are silver stars throughout the panel. The stars contain silver bulky rhinestones on them just like the letterings. The same fabric and large rhinestones were used throughout this panel just in different colors.


Located in the middle of the panel are three photographs of Kenny Sacha. Printed on a soft fabric so that it can be sewn into the panel. Kenny Sacha was a young man with curly light brown hair. He worked as a comedian and impressionist.

Middle photograph on the panel

The middle photograph is Sacha while he wasn’t impersonating anyone or performing when he is dressed in regular attire. The photograph has a very soft feel to it.

Photograph located on the far left on the panel

The second photograph located on the left shows Sacha in the middle of acting or impersonating at one of his shows which he was well known for. He is wearing a wig and makeup, but the picture is in black and white, so it is hard to tell the color of his makeup. Just like the others, this photograph is also very soft.

Photograph located on the far right of the panel

The photograph to the far right on the panel also shows Sacha while he is acting or impersonating. Sacha is showing off a ring in this picture. The picture is in black and white therefore hard to tell what color the ring is or if he’s wearing makeup or not. The photograph has a very soft feel to it.


The first set of letterings that appear on the panel says, Kenny Mucha Sacha. Using letters that are black and sparkly. The letters cover the top section of the panel from left to right. The letters on the panel also contain black bulky rhinestones on it on the outer edges of the letters, which are very huge and a huge quantity of them.

The next set of letters were Sacha’s birth and death year. Which were used in the same kind of letters as the ones used for his name. Sacha died when he was 39.

Underneath Sacha’s birth and death, years is what was written to Sacha “Our Brightest Star’ also used in the same material as the other words. The words were used to indicate how much Sacha had done for others during this period. He did a lot of charity work as well as volunteering.

Items Left With The Panel

The maker of this panel left some items with the panel such as a picture of Sacha, a letter from his friends and a biography about Kenny Sacha.

The photograph is one of those head shot photo people who take to use when they go to jobs such as acting.

Photograph of Kenny Sacha

Letter from Larry Blum and Alan Trugman

The letter was written by Larry Blum and Alan Trugman who were friends with Sacha for 23 years. The contents of the letter talk about how they met each other as well as how much Sacha was loved by a lot of people.

Biography of Kenny Mucha Sacha

The Biography about Kenny Sacha talks about how he first discovered his talent, as well as mentioning some of the places he worked.