Medical Injustice Conclusion

Medical workers could have done a better job to attempt to treat people regardless of their social class. Their job is to help people not discriminate against them, and it is essential that we understand that the treatment of victims should be treated better as well as how we can improve the attitudes of healthcare workers. It is clear that other groups besides children, women, and minorities were discriminated but these groups are mentioned a lot throughout the 1970s and 1980s besides people from the LGBT.

It should be made sure that healthcare workers understand what they are dealing with and how to deal with it appropriately.  This was a time where people needed even the slightest of reassurance instead of being ignored. Instead what they could have done was at least attempt to talk to them they weren’t sure how spreadable the disease was to others. We should be concerned not only with the present but the future as well. Health care workers are considered healers, the people we go to when we are sick and unwell. Communication is an important part of the healthcare workers’ job; it helps improve how patients and also the quality of the care.