Medical Injustice: Minorities


Hiding From A Killer page 1

In Hanna Rosin’s newspaper article Hiding From A Killer, minorities during the 1970s and 1980s believed that AIDS was a “white people” thing only and it wasn’t possible for them to catch it too (Rosin, 1). Just a few AIDS patients received Medicaid as well as other benefits even if they were eligible to receive the benefits. AIDS patients would only receive about $225 a month from benefits and Medicaid pays for all medical expenses, but because a large number of minorities didn’t know how to apply, they never got these benefits. Patients were also in denial and paranoid about AIDS (Rosin, 3). It wasn’t only that they were black which is why they refused treatment if they were black and gay they received even worse treatment from all the different social groups including the medical care workers. Doctors who were giving people blood tranfusion accidentally gave blood from HIV/AIDS patients. Which led people to get HIv/AIDS and later got blamed for being gay.

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