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The Silence=Death printed with a pink triangle was the iconic trademark for ACT UP. These shirts were sold for ACT UP fundraisers. This artwork was created in 1987 by six men. The purpose of it was to create awareness . The large pink triangle was used by Nazi’s who forced gay men to wear them. The Silence-Death meant that those who stayed quiet were just as reasonable for Aids victims like the Nazi’s were who were reasonable for those who died under Germany’s Third Reich. I would make connections to The Names Project because it was used to help show people that if you be quiet about this epidemic than it will only lead to more death.

Preschool keep out AIDS boy

This article was posted in Hayward California by the Knight-Ridder Newspaper on August 12, 1990. Eric Jessen-Pavlik, a 3 year old boy was denied from 20 or more preschools. The preschools were not allowing Eric to be registered due to the fact that he had AIDS. Eric Jessen-Pavlik was adopted by the first ever lesbian couple, Susan Pavlik and Millie Jessen. Their goal was not to shame any of the schools that denied Eric but to inform people that it doesn’t matter where or how they got AIDS but to treat the person with respect. And also that AIDS is not contagious to anyone.