AIDS Quilt

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The AIDS Quilt otherwise known as the NAMES Project displays 48,000 panels of quilts about all different kinds of people who died and suffered and Aids. I’m not really sure how it is a metaphor or what a Quilt is made of maybe because of the plates and the fact that they were the start of the idea before the quilts were. The plates helped start an idea that would help change the world. What draws me in is the fact that these were sewn with love all different from the other and the fact that more and more quilts are continued to being made. My initial impressions of the was beautiful, I thought it was a great idea for people how every quilt was to be remembered and to help spread awareness. This could be an act of activism as well since as I stated before they are trying to make a change for people suffering from this disease, and they have done so they managed to raised $3 million to help with research and so much more. This idea mostly strikes me to think of it as material culture because it describes the different aspect, personalities and culture of these people.

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