Shanyln B.

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  • Small circular object
  • Very shiny
  • Heart (first thing you notice)
  • Bulky
  • Rough
  • Small white/clear gems
  • Smooth texture
  • Silver colored

The purpose of this circular object is very noticeable due to the fact it is circular it fits perfectly on your fingers. The heart symbolizes love, it looks exactly like our own hearts. The owner of this object was given it to them by someone they love.

Three Questions

  • Tell me a bit about the gems? The gems symbolize love. No other specific meaning about the gems.
  • Was this a gift? Yes, several other jewelry from the same person.
  • Why the color? She doesn’t know, but thinks the color is pretty.

Actual Meaning

The jewelry was from a lover, it was for an anniversary and/or Christmas.

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