Purdue OWL an Primary Research Post

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Primary research is basically research that you do on your own. The idea is that you have to go out and search for this research it’s what journalists have to do when they look for resources and cite them. Primary resources include interviews, surveys, observations and analysis. While secondary research is data you collect existing data such as the internet and multimedia. Primary research would be very useful for my research project because on the panel that I chose there is little important on it so finding anything from like a picture to a diary would help us better understand the person who this panel belongs to. Also we could use secondary research to help give us a better understanding of Aides and how it affected the lives of so many people. I can’t use secondary research on the person who owns this panel because he was not well known or anything I’m assuming he was just a normal person who delivered this disease like many others. It would be more efficient to use resources that were left by him.