PSD Activity 2

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Girl With a Pearl Earring


A young girl with yellow and blue cloth on top of her head, the yellow part of the cloth seems to go all the way down to her shoulders. She has big blue eyes, with pink lips. She looks like she is a teenager. And wears a dark yellow with white at the top cloth around her body. She has this big bright white circular object on her ears, there may be another one on the other side of her ear but we can not see it. It’s very dark in the room she is in and yet the light shines perfectly on her.



She seems like a girl that comes from a rich family, mostly because of the earring and how large it is.

Why does she seem so confused or lost?

What is she looking at as she gazes?

She looks like she’s in a dark room by herself. Why is it so dark?

The way the light shines on her looks like it is in front of her.

She seems to be wearing modern day clothing.

It looks like a winter coat jacket with fur.

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