PSD 1: First Contact

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Panel: Mitchell David Mucha M.D.

Block #713




The panel is 6×3 feet with a tan boarder. Behind all the things on the panel is a pinkish/peach  layer.


Old doctor suitcase that were used back in the day, it is a very dark color sort of like the color of the night. It has a very soft feel to it. With a red cross in the middle.


It seems like an object that has an interesting shape to it, the top part of it is similar on both sides. The top of it is silver but it doesn’t feel soft or rough. This long part of it is the same color as the bag except it has more of  rough touch to it.


It spells out the word Mitchell David Mucha M.D., in white with a pinkish/peach boarder. The stitching on the words is very rough.



Why did they choose pink and white? Was Mitchell a boy or girl? Why is it so simple? How come there are no files that go along with the panel?

Sort of looks like there were in a rush to finish a panel, that could be why they did not add much to it. Or Mitchell could have been a simple person.


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