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My classmates and I created Boxman, who is just an ordinary man. To create Boxman, we used two nerf darts, a Chinese food box, a fake plant, a lid to a jar, a craft stem, two googly eyes, a piece of string, a toy truck, green tape and black tape.

Boxman consists of two blue and orange Nerf darts which were used for his hands, and we used the black tape to tape it onto the box. A black Chinese box which was his body. A fake green pls t which was his hair and a jar lid which was just a hat for him. We used the black tape to put two black and white googly eyes and used a craft stem to give Boxman a mustache. We used the white piece of string and attached it to the toy truck and the other to the blue nerf dart, the toy truck was a pet for him. The green tape was to just give him some pants and the black tape was used to just Keep parts together. We also added food for Boxman, but I don’t think it was necessary for boxman. It consisted of things like two white plastic circles, a white fork, and a plastic cover for the bowl.

We didn’t ask anyone besides the team next to us who had the second dart, and we probably could have added way more to this character. Some things we didn’t add would be things from the other teams, I wanted to find something else for a hat to be honest but I know I didn’t have anything on me, and I didn’t think about checking to see if the teams had something we could have used. We also could have asked each other to see if we had anything cool to handle. Thinking about it now we could have made Boxman movable if we just added a hole in the bottom of the box and put the toy truck through it instead of using it as a dog or pet.