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Williams, Gabriel. “Primary Source Description Two” Postscript Reverie Blog, 2017.


Gabriel Williams said within her blog post that “This panel will be described from top to bottom, and will be organized by descriptions of specific sections on the quilt”.

Gabriel offers plenty of sources such as pictures and sources from the Mr. Lazer’s family/friends members who created the panel.

Gabriel wanted to show that Mr. Lazer lived a meaningfully full life before he was fell ill with AIDES, her purpose was to help educate but also describe Mr. Lazer but also she wanted a good grade.

The intended audience for this blog post would be researchers such as GSU Students or people who are interested in the AIDES Name Project. as well as the makers of this panel who may be interested to see how their panels have helped changed the world.

The people that might find this useless would be researchers and those who are interested in the Names Project.


This source helps give me a better understanding of how I can describe and analyze my artifact better. It doesn’t directly correlate to my artifact like I thought it would but none the less I have found it to be very useless as a resource to my artifact. I also have a better understanding of primary and secondary resources and how to get them.