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Bib Test

Williams, Gabriel. “Primary Source Description Two” Postscript Reverie Blog, 2017.   Gabriel Williams said within her blog post that “This panel will be described from top to bottom, and will be… Read more »

PSD 1: First Contact

Panel: Mitchell David Mucha M.D. Block #713   Description Panel  The panel is 6×3 feet with a tan boarder. Behind all the things on the panel is a pinkish/peach  layer…. Read more »


A-E Appropriation: helps to understand embedded messages the author conveys to the audience (Guide to First-Year Writing, 336) Close Reading: a path to critical thinking, is also called efferent reading…. Read more »

PSD Activity 2

Girl With a Pearl Earring Description A young girl with yellow and blue cloth on top of her head, the yellow part of the cloth seems to go all the… Read more »